Dayton Hamfest yearly pages
Dayton Hamfest yearly pages
Once again, we made our annual pilgrimage to Dayton, OH for the Hamvention.  This year, Mark (K9AM), Jim (WB8HMD), Dave (K9CUB), Roy (KB9ZPN), Ed (N9EP)and myself, Greg (K9QI) travelled from Chicago to meet up with Mark (WB8SFY) and his group including Kurt and Gary. 

The trip was a bit more stressful than in past year; we had a few mechanical problems including the breakdown of Jim's company-owned truck on the way to Dayton (necessitating an overnight on his part in Plymouth, IN) and a blowout of a tire on my 4x8 communications trailer.  Jim and Mark pulled the trailer while I drove the Motorola test van with Dave and Roy.  Ed met us in Dayton Thursday night.  Due to the breakdown of Jim's truck, only Dave, Roy, and I were able to make the stop at Fair Radio this year.  Mark, WB8SFY, diverted from his normal drive from Detroit to Dayton to pick up our trailer in Plymouth, IN while Jim waited for the repairs to be completed.

Fair Radio was once again interesting.  I was able to find a few "27" tubes for glowbug projects as well as a BIG hunk of iron in the form of a 5700VAC CT transformer perfect for the Elgin 30K-4 restoration.  I also picked up a 10 amp, 120 V Variac to control the plate voltage on the Elgin 30K-4.  All in all, it was as good stop.

We arrived Dayton early Thursday afternoon, checked into ouor hotel (the Red Roach Inn), and then proceeded to the fest grounds at the Hara Arena to set up our venue in the flea market area.  Set up was completed early and, as soon as Jim arrived in his repiared Ford Exploder, we were able to get an early dinner at O'Charlies. 

The weather Friday was good and we had a good day.  After a great dinner at the Barnside Steakhouse, Jim and I decided to go back and tear down the canopy and drop the last - Dayton was under a tornado watch and we did not want to take the chance on damage.

Saturday AM came early.  Jim, Mark, and I headed over early to put the mast back up and re-do the canopy.  That went up quick and, although it was beginning to rain, we were soon enjoying a cup of hot coffee under the tarp.  The weather was iffy during the morning, but the afternoon was good...until tear-down time.  But, with ll the help we had on-hand, tear down went quickly and we were soon on our way to the Dockside seafood diner for a great dinner.

Sunday morning meant time to drive home.  We made our annual stop at the Waffle House to see Angie and the rest of the gang there.  It is a lot of fun to stop and see them; I wish I had an excuse to travel to Dayton more often - I'd stop by the WH to see them before doing anything else!

On the way home, we had a blow-out on the trailer tire.  Fortunately, we had a spare and that was quickly put on.  We decided to stop at Menards and gete 2 new load range D tires and did the Indy Pit Crew thing at Roy's house; changing out both tires for fresh rubber.  We finally got to Motorola at about 5PM, unloaded the truck, parked the trailer, and I got home at 6PM.  The plans for next year began immediately!

More on this trip will be posted soon and I alos plan to add to previous years with a write-up as well.
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